Therapy Dog Program information

***Please note, we do not have any classes scheduled to run at the moment however testing can always happen without classes. Please contact Amber for more details.

To Enroll in Therapy class and testing:
Classes are held at Autumn Green Animal Hospital, Geneva. Autumn Green will handle Registration and Payment. You can get a registration form on our Services page or register at Autumn Green: 630-232-2222

Classes help you prepare for most therapy tests with most organizations.

Most organizations will allow you to take the therapy exam without completing a class but please note that passing of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test is required before most therapy dog tests can be taken.

Tuesdays 8-8:50pm

Cost: $150/ 6 weeks with Trainer Lora

Therapy Testing:
-Trainer Amber evaluates for K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry (Class not required to take test. Contact Amber to take test only. CGC test required *before* Therapy test can be taken)

-Trainer Lora trains with Fox Valley Therapy Dog Club (Class not required to take test. Contact Lora to take test only with an evaluator. CGC or title required *before* Therapy test can be taken)

-Search for an evaluator of the therapy organization of your choice. There are so many options!

-Take the class without intentions of therapy. It is an excellent skills class for those ready to continue training with their dogs after completion of Smart Puppy and Adult classes!

This class will prepare you for virtually any therapy test but does not include the testing because you can only be affiliated with one therapy organization at a time and the organization choice is yours. Contact the evaluator of your choice to take the therapy exam today!

What is a Therapy Dog vs Service Dog?
A Therapy Dog is different than a Service Dog.
A service dog is a trained and certified working dog in the community to accompany people with disabilities or medical conditions.
A therapy dog is trained and certified to provide affection and comfort to people in nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, and so much more! There is no size or breed requirement, only temperament. A good therapy dog must be patient, kind, friendly, gentle, confident, and enjoy human contact. A therapy dog must be calm and relaxed in any situation.

Please note: A dog who passes the Therapy Dog test does *not* receive the same rights as a Service Dog.  Those certifications require additional training & testing.

Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy Program
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