Zoo & Wildlife

A.I. has trained nearly 200 species of animals. Amber is frequently contacted by local schools, colleges, governments, and other communities to consult for transporting injured wildlife to rehab facilities as well as identifying both injured and healthy wildlife found on their properties.

Please feel free to contact us about specific animals or general questions, comments, concerns, or difficulties!

We are happy to work with zoos or wildlife and rehab organizations with proper permits. Sometimes animals that have become non-releasable can be used for conservation education programs and we are happy to help glove train a hawk or condition a reptile to handling, etc. If a zoo wants to start or tweak a training program or an animal is playing ‘Stump the Trainer,’ we’d love to watch a training session to lend our thoughts. We are also experienced in TAG Teach to assist with teaching the trainer!

We can travel most places worldwide.

We have sample training plans available. Please contact us directly to sample what we could create for you.

Email amber(at)aitrainers.com for more information.
Services and rates are flexible around your individual needs and budget.

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