Our in-home Dog-Friendly Family consultations cover St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, parts of Aurora, and parts of Naperville. Visit our home page for great trainer referral options for weekly or on-going training needs as we are not taking new clients for training services

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Dog-Friendly Family In-home

• Nearly 80% of dog bites (accidental and provoked) come from the family dog. • Many of those owners said, “My dog would never bite.” After seeing years of clients and many many owners around town missing basic vital information about dogs & the lack of information accidentally creating stressful homes for dogs and, in returned, creating uncomfortable companions, unwanted behaviors, and even dangerous situations landing dogs unnecessarily in shelters.

What will happen during a DFF consultation?
During this one-time consultation in your home, Amber will be able to see your layout, meet your dog(s) and family and take DFF information and coach you through how it directly applies to you.

Behavior: Amber will point out any of your dog’s behaviors with a full explanation as well as alert you to behaviors you should be looking for and how to react and if training, management, or reinforcement is best suited.

Training: An explanation of training information and how it applies to the cues your dog knows and what your dog needs to know. Amber will also recommend what training programs and referrals of trainers are a best fit for you for on-going or weekly sessions with a professional.

Socialization: The vital information about early and on-going socialization and the best fit for your dog.

Nutrition: Amber will teach basic facts about dog nutrition and can give a basic evaluation about the food your dog is already eating (This does not apply to medicated food prescribed by your veterinarian).

Grooming: Amber will give basic facts about what is expected in every dog’s grooming needs (like nail trims) and how to best meet those needs.

Fun Facts: During your visit, Amber will share great fun facts about a dog’s life and how to be a great dog-friendly family!

Plus, Amber is happy to answer any questions the family has about their dog!

One-time consultation approx. one hour: $79


**We are not taking new clients for in-home training at this time**

Why are dogs the only pets that learn basic manners for the household??

Most dog owners hire a trainer or enroll in some sort of class for training but ALL pets can and should be taught. Our experiences with over 170 species makes us a great training match for your pet.

Cats, ferrets, rabbits, goats, llamas, cows, chickens, pigs, turtles, fish, even hermit crabs! Not only is it great mental stimulation and fun for the pet but it makes both your lives easier and is a great crowd pleaser to show off to your friends.

Crate training, proper exposure to sights, sounds, people, and low stress for veterinary procedures, nose touch, sit, leash walking (cats, ferrets, pigs, etc), come, stay, leave it, take it, lie down, relax on a bed, step up, even agility (for fish too!).

***We do not see pets at the time for behavior modification such as feather picking, biting, or aggression.

Please Note: We will only work with legal pets. Please check Federal laws as well as city ordinances. Some pets are legal in certain cities and illegal in others. Be A Responsible Pet Owner!

Proper exposure to sights, sounds, people, etc, nose touch, sit, leash walking, come, proper greetings, stay, leave it, take it, door manners, emergency u-turns, lie down, relax on a mat, and more!

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