We train with positive reinforcement no matter the breed or species!

We recommend Go Dog Training in Geneva and Over The Moon in Batavia. Visit our home page to view details.


601 Blackhawk Dr
Batavia, IL 60510
630-537-8779 (630-53-PUPPY)

Registration Forms:
Please note that we need 4 things from you before we will be able to schedule your sessions:
-Registration Form with Signature (Dog Training or Other Pets Form)
-Behavior Evaluation OR Puppy Training Information
-Copy of vaccines from primary vet

Dog Training Form (signature required):
This form is required for ALL dog training in addition to other forms that may be needed. This includes group classes, privates training, in-home training, off-site training, puppy training, adult training, specialty classes, etc. This form is required before enrollment can be confirmed.

Puppy Training Information Form :
This form is required for all PUPPY clients. This form is not required for any other training but puppies between the ages of 2-11 months.

Behavior Evaluation Form:
This form is required for in-home training & private training for all species and breeds, dogs and non-dogs. This form is not required for any group class. This form is not required for any puppy. Please fill out the Puppy Training Information Form above for all puppy training including group or in-home or private. If you have a non-dog pet, please fill out as much as you can.

Dog-Friendly Family (DFF):
This form is the only form required to attend the 1-hour humans only Dog-Friendly Family class.

Other Pets (Signature required): This form is required for your wonderful pets that are not dogs!

(If forms don’t pop up on first click, refresh Adobe page).


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