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Trainer Amber is the host and creator of Dog-Friendly Family & is sharing her extensive knowledge through her specially created program. Topics include behavior, training, socialization, nutrition, grooming, and fun facts. • Nearly 80% of dog bites (accidental and provoked) come from the family dog. • Many of those owners said, “My dog would never bite.” After seeing years of clients and many many owners around town missing basic vital information about dogs & the lack of information accidentally creating stressful homes for dogs and, in returned, creating uncomfortable companions, unwanted behaviors, and even dangerous situations landing dogs unnecessarily in shelters. We want dog-friendly restaurants and dog-friendly hotels but is our own home a friendly environment for our dogs?

Dog-Friendly Family Class
This class is a single, 1 hour, humans only class at various locations. Proceeds help support local shelters and rescues!

Dog-Friendly Family In-home
A one-time consultation, take DFF into your home and let Amber apply the topics directly to your dog, your home, and your family!

Animal Intuitions is *not* taking new clients for weekly training sessions in either group classes or in-home training. For other trainers to consider that we know personally, please contact anyone below.

Geneva/Naperville area: Phyllis Zboril (in home and Geneva group classes) with Go Dog!

Batavia/Sugar Grove/Oswego area: Lora Johnson (in home and Batavia group classes) with Over The Moon

Naperville area: Rachel Fein (in home and group) with Cloud K9 Academy

Naperville area: Allie Bender (in home) with Pet Harmony Training

Glen Ellyn area: Amy Saletta (in home and group) with The Puppy Professor

West Chicago area: Liz Mishima (group and in-home) with Hightails Hideaway and A Sound Beginning

La Grange area: Aimee Busse (in home and group) with Dogz n Harmony

Marengo area (in home, group scent detection, and travels for aggression-like cases): Harlan and Kim Houska w Top Notch K9

South Elgin area: Steven Frost (inside Anderson Animal Shelter and in home)

South Elgin area: Donna Orlowski (group class only) with Spot On K9 Sports

South Elgin area: Dana Nelson (in-home and group) with Affinity Dog Training


Dogs, Pets, Wildlife, and Zoos!

Passionate about puppies!
Visit our Group&Seminars tab to see what classes we are recommending!

Start puppies early! After 16 weeks, the critical period of proper socialization is OVER and can be difficult for dogs to adapt to an ever-changing world. Before 16 weeks, puppies should be exposed to as many new people, animals, stimuli, and environments as safely possible but do not over-stimulate as this can cause excessive fear, withdrawal, or avoidance behavior. –American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)

Canine Good Citizen and Therapy bound?
We offer testing upon request as there is interest.

Why are dogs the only pets that learn basic manners for the household?
Do you have cat? Ferret or parrot? Goat or cow? Chicken or fish?
Trainer Amber offers private training for any legal pet. We are not taking behavior modification cases such as feather picking or biting at this time.

Zoos & Wildlife
Need a hawk glove trained?

Need a reptile conditioned to handling?

Is your zoo animal stumping you?

Need help or ideas for teaching new and experienced trainers?


Our contact us website submission form is BROKEN. You can also call 630-53-PUPPY (537-8779) or email directly to Amber(at)



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